Our Story

computerdesk2When you bring in outside help for your Oracle and Banner administration needs, you want someone who has experience solving the same challenges you face. Some 20 years ago, David Kent, an Oracle DBA at Michigan Technological University, saw the need for real-world IT expertise -- not full-time consultants -- in the higher ed marketplace.

David was working full time at Michigan Tech, and having dabbled in freelance Banner and Oracle consulting work during the preceding 10 years, he was acutely aware that his Oracle and Banner skills were in high demand. He also noted that many of his most-respected colleagues at other institutions had skills which were in equally high demand. These colleagues had the talent, the drive and the flair to be top-notch freelance IT consultants. Unfortunately, there was little opportunity to package and market their collective talents in a way that answered the needs of the marketplace.

In August of 2000, David Kent, Inc. became the first consulting company to bring a highly skilled and experienced freelance IT team to the higher ed marketplace. For the next 16 years, this consortium consisted of David and a handful of his colleagues from various institutions across North America. Together they collaborated on about 100 projects of varying size and complexity for more than a dozen public and private institutions.

Their work proved David’s theory that combining the talents and experiences of current, real-world practitioners could create solutions that were better-engineered, better-executed, more durable and more cost-effective than traditional consulting models consisting only of full-time dedicated consultants.

David Kenet President and Founder

David Kent
President and Founder

DKI was a team of Oracle and Banner specialists facing the same day-to-day challenges with which their clients needed help. DKI’s unique model and the team’s hands-on experience was a refreshing change for clients who had become mistrustful of traditional consultants more skilled in the art of consulting than the art of problem solving. Needless to say, the DKI group of practitioners had as much work as they could handle for their size and scale.

Coinciding with his retirement from Michigan Tech in the fall of 2016, DKI was renamed David Kent Consulting, Inc. and many new freelance consultants came aboard, significantly increasing the company’s  expertise and capacity. David’s passion for IT consulting, his experience, and his desire to continue building upon his game-changing consulting model are the hallmarks which drive the company’s growth and development. The ultimate goal of David Kent Consulting, Inc. is to forever change the way IT practitioners and consumers participate in the marketplace and work together to solve common problems.


Our Mission

David Kent Consulting is a team of Oracle and Ellucian Banner experts who provide skilled computing services to institutions of higher education. Our team consists of database administrators, system administrators, application analysts/programmers, functional consultants, trainers, and project managers. Team members are seasoned professionals with several years experience in their respective specialty area.  We provide on-site, remote, and on-call services, and project teams are uniquely assembled for each client project to provide the most effective, efficient, and cost-effective combination of expertise. This gives our clients the luxury of having a team of highly-specialized professionals as needed, without the expense and overhead of retaining each one on-staff.

Our Team

The most distinguishing feature of our company, and the feature that most differentiates us from all the rest is our staff.  Our team consists of the best and brightest Oracle and Banner talent in North America, and every consultant is a skilled practitioner with significant depth of experience in one or more aspects of Banner.  And all of our Oracle DBAs have significant experience managing Oracle products IN A BANNER ENVIRONMENT.  We are exclusively Higher Ed, Banner, and Oracle. . .we don't do Peoplesoft, Colleague, SAP, Workday, nor Empower.  We do Banner and Oracle only.

Our consultants come from a variety of backgrounds.  A few of us have recently retired from Higher Ed Institutions where we have supported banner throughout our careers.  President and founder David Kent, for example, retired from Michigan Tech in January 2017 after 37 years of service.  Twenty-four years of that time was spent as a Banner DBA, and the last 3 years as Director of IT Services.  Some of our team is currently employed at various Banner institutions and freelance their specialized talent to us as needed.  Others are former Ellucian, Sungard, and SCT employees.  The bottom line is that you won't find more-experienced Banner talent anywhere else.

Next Steps...

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