Data and Analytics Services


Data Warehousing and Business Analytics Services

  • Custom Data Warehousing Services
  • ODS/EDW Installation, Upgrades, and Support
  • ODS/EDW Administration, Configuration, and Training
  • ODS/EDW Customization
  • Cognos Administration, Configuration, Patching, and Training
  • Dashboards and Business Analytics

Predictive Analytic Services

  • Year Ahead Financial Aid Budgeting
  • Long Term Student Population Simulations
  • Optimizing Recruitment, Enrollment, Growth and Retention
  • Student Success and Identification of At-risk Students
  • Advancement/Development Opportunities
  • Donor Profiling


  • Estimation of the Probability and Size of Gifts
  • Campaign Efficacy
  • University Resource Allocations
  • Student Housing Optimized Grant Allocations
  • Department Specific Alumni Support
  • Custom Services


More Services

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