Ellucian Degree Works Consulting Services

Degree Works is a cornerstone in higher education, elevating graduation success and positive academic outcomes. It is crucial to be able to navigate academic requirements precisely. An accurate, clear, well designed degree audit will guide your campus community and support your students in achieving their goals.

Degree Works Service Areas

Our team is an extension of yours whether in technical or functional matters.

Technical Services Provided

Functional Services Provided

Responsive Dashboard

Better leverage your Degree Works dashboard to display an audit that is representative of your institutional design and needs. 

  • Customize the labels and student header information
  • Understand security levels and user classes
  • Ensure that your institutional policies are represented clearly in the audit.


We provide full scribe training, managed services, or answer questions as needed – we tailor our assistance to your needs and preferences with our flexible approach.

  • full scribe training

  • catalog or curriculum scribing

  • scribe question support

  • best practices

  • CPOS scribe


Controller is a powerhouse of tables, settings, both functional and technical. Our consultants can help you better navigate the application to maximize the effectiveness of Degree Works.

  • User class and security structure

  • Common maintenance tables and settings 

  • Setting controls for policy and design


Maximize the value that Transit offers to both functional and technical users. 

  • Training on Transit jobs

  • Functional and Technical use cases

  • Data bridging basics


Stay current on the latest Degree Works releases. Our technical team is ready to provide the support you need.

  • Initial Installation

  • Upgrades

  • Training and Support

  • Managed Services

Properties (Composer)

Optimize the capabilities of the properties tool when creating customizations.

  • Localize labels and information on the dashboard and pdf

  • Customize the Student Header

Additional Services

We understand that each institution has different needs and an ‘out of the box’ approach rarely gets the job done completely. David Kent consultants have years of experience and an aptitude for providing individualized approaches to each engagement.

Partner with David Kent
Why Partner with us?

We deliver a collaborative team engagement, designed to give you persistent and immediate access to any part of our specialized team whenever you need it. The degree of engagement with us can wax and wane as needs dictate, and the level of service can range from a few hours here and there, to a full managed services arrangement where our team takes care of everything.

When we say our team is your team we mean it. Our goal is to provide you with the right expertise to not only meet your immediate needs, but set you up for long-term success.

Our teams are always available, yet we only charge for actual productive hands on keyboard time. Moreover, we provide the technology and tools to enable staff from your organization to work hand-in-hand with our team either remotely or in person.

David Kent Consulting is committed to providing an agile team of experienced practitioners who provide meaningful engagements to our clients resulting in product sustainability and institutional success.

David Kent Consulting is a group of experienced Oracle, Ellucian Banner and Cloud professionals who provide functional and technical services to institutions of higher education.

Our goal is to help you get the highest possible return on your technology portfolio investment.