Ellucian Banner Consulting Services

In everything we do…we believe in challenging ourselves, our clients and the status quo.

At David Kent Consulting, we provide unparalleled Banner consulting services. Our practice is driven by a culture of innovation, continuously seeking and inspiring stronger approaches to make Banner more effective, more reliable and easier to manage, while reducing the burden of unnecessary technical debt.  

We are fervent and constant collaborators, relentless in our quest to help you better-leverage Banner and all of its tightly-integrated applications. We are driven by an Agile culture of persistent cross-functional collaboration to improve the Banner-centric processes and methods which ultimately raise the bar on student and institutional success.  Most of all, we are passionate about sharing our collective experience and building tribal knowledge within the greater Banner user community. 

An Entire Team of Ellucian Banner Expertise at Your Fingertips

We engage.  Where others provide you with one or two consultants with a limited skillset for a specific period of time, we plug an entire team of experienced practitioners into your organization so that you have persistent and transparent access to a wide range of Banner and Oracle expertise, both technical and functional.  We partner to give you on-demand access to a wide range of skilled practitioners whenever you need them.

Our teams are always available, yet we only charge for actual productive “hands on keyboard” time.  Moreover, we provide the technology and tools to enable staff from your organization to work hand-in-hand with our team either remotely or in person.  

Banner Consultants with 10+ Years of Experience

Our “no-rookie guarantee” means that all consultants are seasoned professionals, with 10+ years of experience in one or more specialty areas of Banner or another.

We deliver a collaborative team engagement, designed to give you persistent and immediate access to any part of our specialized team whenever you need it.  The degree of engagement with us can wax and wane as needs dictate, and the level of service can range from a few hours here and there, to a full managed services arrangement where our team takes care of everything.  

  • Project Management Services
  • Installation, Setup and Configuration of ESM (Ellucian Solution Manager)
  • Banner 9 Migration Services
  • Customized Application Analysis and Development
  • Web (SSB Applications) Development and Customization
  • Script Writing Services
  • Forms and Report Development
  • Integration Services with 3rd Party Applications and External Agencies
  • Learning Management System (LMS) Integration (Canvas, Moodle, Sakai, Desire2Learn)
  • Banner Financial Aid:  Algorithmic Packaging and Budgeting, Process Automation
  • Banner General:  Free-form Rules for Population Selection
  • Business Process Analysis
  • Process Modeling and Development
  • Event Triggers
  • Luminis Installation and Upgrades
  • Portlet Development