Revenue Cycle Transformation

Our Mission

We believe sustainable healthcare outcomes are achieved when organizations invest in their own people. Our revenue cycle practice is driven by an Agile culture of cross-functional practitioners who are passionate, not only about revenue cycle innovation, but also in coaching teams to unlock their full potential and become self-reliant.


The Need For Change

Despite the money spent on revenue cycle management, these processes remain inefficient as the financials of US health systems continue to worsen.

Traditional Revenue Cycle Models are…

  • Expensive: Total US expenditures topped $110 Billion in 2021

  • Inefficient: Approximately 15 cents of every healthcare dollar in the US goes to revenue cycle inefficiencies

  • Ineffective: Median operating margin for health systems is down 42.4% from February 2020 – February 2022


Our Expertise

Our team is comprised of experts in front-end, middle, and back-end revenue cycle functions. We provide people, process, and technology solutions to deliver integrated, sustainable outcomes.

Work with our Patient Access Experts to boost patient engagement while realizing your full revenue potential

  • Registration Accuracy & Efficiency

  • Price Transparency

  • Financial Counseling

  • Point-of-Service Collections

  • Prior Authorization & Utilization Management

  • Scheduling Accuracy & Referral Management

  • Patient Throughput

  • Patient Engagement & Digital Transformation

  • Operational Transformation

  • Vendor Integration & Management

  • Workflow Automation & Efficiency

  • Reporting & Analytics

Build a strong partnership with the clinical leaders at your health system to ensure compliance and financial success

  • Hospital & Professional Coding

  • Clinical Charge Capture

  • Charge Reconciliation & Charge Review

  • Clinical Documentation Improvement

  • Net-revenue Improvement

  • Release of Information

  • Revenue Management Program Development

  • Reporting & Analytics

Streamline your business office functions to improve financial outcomes

  • Denial Management

  • Claim Edit Management

  • Bad Debt Reduction

  • Payment Posting

  • Workflow Automation & Efficiency

  • Vendor Integration & Management

  • Reporting & Analytics

The David Kent Difference

We build symbiotic, value driven partnerships that enable health systems to achieve a self-sufficient, cost effective revenue cycle management process.

Traditional Model

Full-time Staff Augmentation
  • Consultants direct projects for a finite period of time
  • Transition is abrupt and leaves knowledge gaps
  • Ongoing staff augmentation is often needed, which is expensive and unsustainable

David Kent Model

Agile & Client Integrated Teams
  • Consultants coach team throughout the entire engagement
  • Knowledge sharing is organic and gradual, ensuring long-term success
  • Consultants always available after project closure

Traditional Model

Static Team
A full-time team with specific skillsets are staffed to the engagement with little to no flexibility

David Kent Model

Tailored and Adaptive Team
As the needs of the engagement evolve, the team changes to ensure the appropriate degree of required skillsets are available.

Traditional Model

Untenable Financial Success
Results are difficult to maintain post engagement transition

David Kent Model

Sustainable Financial Success
Through continuous improvement and self-sufficient teams

Traditional Model

Suboptimal Value
A typical worker is productive for ~38% of the work week 1, yet a client is billed for a full 40 hours

David Kent Model

Optimized ROI
The client is only billed for “productive time”, eliminating waste while maximizing value.